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SHAFI Knit Limited is a 100% export oriented Knit Garments Factory situated at its own premises at Natun Para, Baipail (Near DEPZ-2) Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka. It produces T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Baby item as well as many type of composite & fancy items. SHAFI Knit Limited is well-experienced and manufacturing fine as well as heavy knit garments and exporting quality products to many countries.


Sister Concerns

  1. Fashion Zone
  2. Mid Line Sweater Ltd.


Company Profile



Name Of The Companies SHAFI Knit Limited
Company Status Private Limited Company
Corporate Office House # 7, Road # 16, Sector # 12,Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.
Project Address Natun Para, Baipail, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.
Managing Director / CEO Md.Tipu Sultan
Director Shaikh Khalilur Rahman
Company e-Mail contact@shafiknit.com
Website www.shafiknit.com
Date of Establishment 2010
Total Manpower 700 Personnel
Floor Space 33,000 Sq.ft.
Production capacity 32,500 Doz per month

Business Activity

Knitting, Sewing and Printing

Annual Turnover US$ 9.5 Million (Approx)
Membership a)Bangladesh Knit Garments  manufacture &  Export Association (BKMEA)b)BangladeshGarments Manufactures Association (BGMEA)c) Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI).
Banker (a)    NRB Commercial Bank ltd.      Uttara branch, Dhaka     Swift :NRBB BDDHUTR
Lead Time Minimum lead production time 60 days.Maximum lead production time 120 days.For Repeat order lead production time 40-50 days.




  1. T-Shirt
  2. Polo Shirt
  3. Trouser
  4. Tank Top
  5. Payjama set
  6. Fleece Jacket
  7. Ladies Dress


Management Commitment




  • Highly experienced and qualified professionals run the project. Management is fully dedicated to efficient and effective control towards attaining best quality in production, export shipment in order.


  • Manpower strength in main line production is run by the trained operators / supervisors headed by highly skilled and competent Textile Engineers and Production Manager.


  • Independent sample unit is equipped with modern infrastructure.  Sample unit is headed by a skilled sample in-charge to provide any kind of styles within scheduled time frame


  • We maintain strict in-line inspection during production and we practice Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) system



Installed Machineries & Equipment




1 1-Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine


2 1-Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machine with CP-160 Panel Board. JUKI  12
3 High Speed, 2- Needle, 4-Tread, 2-Looper Overlock Machine   Striping Machine JUKI  110
4 3- Needle, 5-Tread, Flat Bed top & Bottom cover Stitching Machine for Hemming & Cover Stitch. JUKI  15
5 3- Needle, 5-Tread, Flat Bed Top & Bottom cover Stitching Machine (D  Set ) JUKI  15
6 3- Needle, 5-Tread, Flat Bed Top & Bottom cover Stitching Machine ( F  Set)


7 3- Needle, 5-Tread, Cylinder Bed Top & Bottom cover Stitching Machine with left hand fabric trimmer. JUKI  16
8 2- Needle, feed of the Arm, Double Chain stitch Machine. JUKI  4
9 1-Needle, Lock Stitch Button Hole Machine. JUKI 4
10 Computer Controlled High speed Lockstitch Button Sewing Machine JUKI  4
11 Cloth Cutting Machine K.M 2
12 Cloth Cutting Machine K.M 2
13 End Cutter Machine EASTMAN 1
14 Band Knife Cutting Machine EASTMAN 1
15 Thread Winding Machine HASHIMA 4
16 Thread Cleaning Machine NGAI SHING 1
17 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine TOYO 1
18 Spotting Table Equipment with Air-Drying Gun, two spotting guns with built in vacuum unit. NISSIN  1
19 Compact Press Type Fusing Machine with Rotary Strip off Device. HASHIMA  1
20 Vaccum Iron Table VEIT 20
21 RIB Cutting Machine IDEA 4
25 220 KVA Diesel Generator Perkins UK 1



Moreover Company has the following facilities for smooth operation


v Own stand by Generator to run full factory.

v Fire protection system.

v Sufficient volume of water reservoir at underground & overhead.

v Quality electrical cable with siemens circuit breakers used in MDBs & SDBs.

v Separate toilet for male & female workers.

v Sufficient lights are provided in all the working areas.

v Sufficient ventilation is provided by installing ceiling fans, exhaust fans & large windows.

v Factory premises are always kept neat & clean.

v Floors are fitted with tiles so that it remains very clean and worker can walk bare footed without any difficulties.

v We do not have any child labor.

v Doctor & Nurse are provided to take care of workers health

v Dining for workers.


Contact Person


Tipu Sultan

Managing Director

Mobile: 01711521077

E-mail: tipu@shafiknit.com